MobileDashboard 2.0
MobileDashboard rewritten from the ground up.

Brand new list of features coming soon:

  • Support for libactivator
  • Completely rewritten form the ground up for performace and stability
  • Faster, less memory and CPU intensive
  • Support for many more Dashboard widgets
  • Ability to browse and install downloaded widgets
  • Icon view now uses a scrolling view instead of pages
  • Works on any device
  • TV Out Support
  • Saves chosen widgets on restart
  • Support for iOS 4.0+ (including iOS 5.0 if notificaiton center widgets just don't cut it for you!)
  • Option to either dim background or blur it (see mockup below)
  • More to come...

  • I am planning on packing this with features, many useful, some maybe even useless. If you have a feature not lited here that you want impletmented into MobileDashboard email me at and I will try my best to do so.